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Apparently, US presidents have been playing golf since 1897 when William McKinley made the first presidential putt, however William Taft was really the first president to really take up the game. But it is also documented that Abraham Lincoln also played which dates to pre-1865. Which seems very strange indeed, as the first golf course was not built in America until 1884. So if anyone can shed any light on to this then please message in and let us know.

With the Presidents cup taking place as this newsletter goes out, we thought we would list some of the past US Presidents that played the wonderful game.

Donald Trump – This one is pretty easy as it is well known that Donald plays golf, he apparently played off a handicap of 2.8 but I find this very hard to believe – Fake News maybe. He also owns 19 golf courses worldwide, with the most well-known being Turnberry in Scotland.

Barak Obama – It is documented that Barak played 333 rounds while he was president and he also had a round with Tiger Woods.

Woodrow Wilson – He was the biggest golfing nut of all past presidents, even though apparently, he wasn’t very good. He racked up over 1,200 rounds during his presidency which is about a round every 3 days he was in power.

Dwight Eisenhower – He is in actual fact the first ever president to be elected in to the ‘World Golf Hall of Fame’ in a lifetime achievement category.

JFK – America’s 35 president played golf for Harvard University and is well known for having a very good looking swing. It is said however that he avoided the golf course as he did not want to be seen as a rich man in front oof the American people.

More than any other sport, Golf, plays a part in Presidential history. There is a putting green at the White House that has been removed and relocated a few times. Trump is said to have put in a full room golf simulator so he can work on his game indoors.

In next month’s newsletter we will look back at British Prime Ministers who played the game. I have a feeling it may not be as popular as in the USA.

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